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Commission on Real Estate Transactions
City limits Residential/Commercial: 2% from seller, 1% from buyer
Outside City Limits: 3% from seller, 1% from buyer
Sale of Industrial land/ building and agriculture land: 4% from seller, 2% from buyer
Joint Development: 2% commission each from the developer/owner on their respective super built share
Good will/Pagadi: 2% Commission and one month rent from either side
Cub Cadet
Residential/Commercial - with or without fit out / Industrial 1 month rent each from both parties
Renewal of Lease 15 days commission for any renewal of lease from the Lessor and Lessee or the approaching party.

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South Carolina
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Up to 0 6 months - 1/2 Month rent as commission from both parties
Any lease beyond 6 months - 1 Month rent as commission from both parties
Rental deposit exceeding 15 months - 2% commission from both parties
Property Management Fee
Property management fee 10% of Annual rental value

Pinnekel, llc
Pinnekel. llc seeking partners to purchase beach property. Pinnekel manages and operates, hile partners travel and enjoy. To learn more simply Email: