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"vueAhome.com" which aims to DISRUPT a multi-billion dollar real estate-related market - you might not know even existed...did you know that just a few months ago a R/E platfform was purchased for $150M?   

vueAhome.com is soliciting entrepreneurial team members to embark on this new (Ad)Venture! 

It's a BIG idea - we need people who:

1) Think Big

2) Love real estate

3) Curious Thinkers

4) Believe in Business as a catalyst for Good

5) Think Technology can reinvent yet another industry (UBER, Airbnb, eBay, etc)


- R/E Industry Experience

- Related Banking & Capital Markets

- Full Stack Web Engineers & SaaS Developers

- E-Commerce, SEO, Web Marketing, Social Media

- Shipping, Supply Chain, Logistics, 3PL Experience

- We are a Global Team of 10+ People; Boston USA a plus.

- eBay, Amazon, Alibaba Ecommerce Experience 

- Part-time Availability (we meet every Friday online) 

The vueAhome.com - Summary is Pasted below - If you'd like to learn more simply Email: sharon@CuriousDawg.com and be scheduled for a more in-depth phone call with our leadership team with no obligation to buy anything or invest. We are seeking developers, marketers, investors, advisors, and distribution experts.    

For Sale:
Property Type: Residential
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee 
Total Built Area: 3,000 
Earnest Deposit : $10,000
Description: Asking $1.5M

Pinnekel, LLC looking to purchase commercial properties.
Email: rocky@Pinnekel.com

List Your Home on - VueAhome.com
Email: info@VueAhome.com

For Rent:
Property Type: Commercial Office/Space
Location: knoxville, TENNESSEE 
Total Built Area: 2000 SQ.FT
Price: Rs: 00 /SQ.FT
Security Deposit : 2,000 per month
Description: 1st months rent upfront


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South Carolina
2442 Charleston Hwy. 
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How much home can I afford?
When buying a home, mortgage lenders don't just lookat your income, assets, and the down payment you have. They look at all of your liabilities and obligations as well, including auto loans, credit card debt, child support, potential property taxes and rating. 

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